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Welome to my personal Waist Training blog! My name is Nikki, and this is my corsetting journey! I have been waist training since mid August of 2013. I have a natural 27" waist and hope to meet my goal of having a natural 22" waist sometime in the future! Feel free to follow me if you want to watch me shrink my waist day by day (: Please ask any questions that are on your mind!! This blog is consists of me and my corsets, other beauties and their corsets, and corsets that I find amazing. Did I mention I post corsets?
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Anonymous asked: What are your opinions of the Corset-Story Volumina Gored Hip Classic Black Corset? Do you think this is a good quality item?


Hello Anon,
Unfortunately I do not recommend Corset Story. The fabrics may be pretty and tempting, but the quality is terrible! The Corset Authority has accumulated a helpful amount of information on why they are not a reputable brand.

Is there any other corset or brand you are interested in?

Modified Josephine by Isabella Corsetry! →


I meant to post this long ago!

My generous hips were the limiting factor in cinching down my 22” Josephine by Isabella. So I followed one of Lucy’s YouTube tutorials and added adjustable hip ties!


It was actually even easier than the example she worked, as the lining in my corset…

(via thecorsetauthority)

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