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My name is Nikki, and this is my corset journey!

I have been waist training since August of 2013. I have a natural 27" waist and hope to meet my goal of having a natural 22" waist sometime in the future!

Please ask any questions that are on your mind!!

*I only waist train in authentic steel boned corsets.*

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I’m disappointed with the fit of the cups. The bust point is a tad splayed and the fullness is somewhat wrong for my breasts. No solution presents itself but to cut it down to an underbust.

The shape at the waist is phenomenal



Last week I finished off a few small details of The Red Dragon underbust corset, by my talented friend Christine Wickham of Ariadne’s Thread, who sadly passed away a fortnight ago. She was known on tumblr as A Girl From Down Under and under the same name on YouTube. It was incredibly moving to complete it for her and it’s special to be able to share her beautiful work with you all. Let’s celebrate her work and dive into our own with as much enthusiasm as we can muster.

I have written a small tribute celebrating her life and our friendship, you can read it here

It’s really beautiful *crying again*

(via waistedlives)

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