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My name is Nikki, and this is my corset journey!

I have been waist training since August of 2013. I have a natural 27" waist and hope to meet my goal of having a natural 22" waist sometime in the future!

Please ask any questions that are on your mind!!

*I only waist train in authentic steel boned corsets.*

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About Custom & Made-to-Measure Corsets

Credits: Custom corset by Pop Antique | Model: Victoria Dagger | © John Carey — Dark Garden “Adelaide” custom corset with cups | Model: Autumn Adamme | © Joel Aron — Corset: Neon Duchess | Model: Victoria Dagger | © Matthew Kadi

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i love my new swooshy cardigan thingy

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Corset Talk: The Wonderful World of Flossing

One of the reasons flossing is particularly wonderful, and distinct from purely decorative embroidery, is that it can anchor a corset’s bones within their channels.  The apex of a functional flossing design is at the end of the bone, which is where the fabric of the corset is under more stress. 

By minimizing the bones’ movement, chafing against the body of the corset is reduced, and poke-throughs are made less likely.  If there’s enough strain that a bone is going to come through, you’ve got a fighting chance that it will break through the flossing before the fabric itself.  I’ve even done a quick and dirty repair of a corset with a bone coming out by quickly flossing over the broken end of the channel.

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Photo Credits: 

  • Top Two: Flossed corset by Clessidra Couture; modeled by Morgana; photo by Chris Murray (with close-up).
  • Middle Two: Black and tan corset with flossing by Daze of Laur (with close-up).
  • Bottom Two: Blue corset with flossing by Serindë Corsets (with close-up).

Please don’t remove the credits. 

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29” mesh and spot broche coutil underbust, 10” closed front busk, custom purple dye, exposed waist tape, spot broche and herringbone coutil boning channels.

View on my website here

That is stunning! Your work is really getting more and more beautiful every time you create something.

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