Welcome To My Corset Blog!

My name is Nikki, and this is my corset journey!

I have been waist training since August of 2013. I have a natural 27" waist and hope to meet my goal of having a natural 22" waist sometime in the future!

Please ask any questions that are on your mind!!

*I only waist train in authentic steel boned corsets.*

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MARCH 2014

Photo: Julia Kołaczyńska

MUA: Aleksandra Muszyńska-Aszyk

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Corsetier : Yago Arco of Arco Atelier
Location : Barcelona

Those riveted D-rings on the hips are really cool.


My custom corset arrived from Fiorella Corsetry today! I’m so excited, it fits very well so far, I can’t wait to finish seasoning it so I can cinch it tighter.

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3 Most Common Corset Lacing Mistakes

Credits: Pop Antique custom corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo: John Carey & Pop Antique “Vamp” corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo: Karolina Marek (bottom two)

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