Welcome To My Corset Blog!

My name is Nikki, and this is my corset journey!

I have been waist training since August of 2013. I have a natural 27" waist and hope to meet my goal of having a natural 22" waist sometime in the future!

Please ask any questions that are on your mind!!

*I only waist train in authentic steel boned corsets.*

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It’s not perfect, but I finally completed my second attempt at corsetry!

Only a small reduction here, as I’ve just started seasoning it. 

I’m hoping the wrinkles at the high hip mark work themselves out as I cinch down further (and as I lose those vacation lbs!)

Time to start experimenting on some friends! 

(via littlelacedbunny)


Some more good stealthing dresses I found in second hand shops. Belts are the best for showing off corseted waists but I had to punch extra holes in this one. 

I just ordered a new corset, its so exciting :D I really wish I had the time to sew another myself though :/ 

(via thecorsetauthority)

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